Workers’ Comp coverage is mandatory in all states. Benefits are paid in accordance with the laws in each state. In order for Workers’ Comp coverage to apply, the injury must arise from, and be related to, the injured worker’s job duties. Workers’ Comp also covers related costs for disease or death that occurs as a result of the accident.

A Workers’ Comp policy is packaged with an Employers’ Liability policy, in order to provide coverage for an employer’s common law or tort liability. Employee injuries that fall outside the scope of the state laws, or acts that are separate and distinguished from the liability imposed by Workers’ Comp laws, are addressed by an Employers’ Liability policy.

Workers’ Comp policy components:

  • Part One provides statutory Workers’ Comp coverage
  • Part Two provides Employers’ Liability coverage
  • Part Three provides Optional Other States’ insurance
  • Part Four outlines the policyholders’ duties in the event of an injury
  • Part Five explains the premium provisions
  • Part Six contains policy conditions not shown elsewhere in the policy