Comprehensive General Liability

Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) insurance is a two-party contract with payments made to a third party. Every business has certain legal liability exposures that must be covered. A General Liability policy protects commercial insured policy holders from those liability exposures.

Product Liability

Product Liability covers bodily injury or property damage incurred as a consequence of some defect in the product sold or manufactured. Product Recall coverage may be added with a sub-limit for an additional premium.

Premises Liability & Completed Operations

Coverage is available to indemnify the insured for work performed off-site. This would include installation work, construction, servicing or repair work. Completed Operations coverage would pay for bodily injury/property damage caused by negligent or faulty work by an insured during (Premises Liability) and after (Completed Operations). Deductibles of $1,000 and upward are commonly found in a Completed Operations policy. Most General Liability insurance policies exclude the Insured’s Own Work, or Property in the Care, Custody, or Control of the Insured.

Owners’ & Contractors’ Protective Liability

Owners’ & Contractors’ Protective (OCP) liability insurance is designed to cover a party that has hired an independent contractor for claims brought against the hiring party, which arise from the independent contractor’s work on their behalf. Coverage for independent contractor liability is automatically provided under the Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

EPLI provides defense for employment related legal action against an insured, such as: employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and hour/wage complaints.

Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability

This policy indemnifies the insured against liability damages (and the cost of defense) based on alleged or real professional errors and omissions or mistakes when acting on behalf of another. Those that may benefit from this type of policy would be: architects, engineers, physicians, attorneys, law enforcement officers, realtors, escrow agents, accountants, stockbrokers, directors and officers of corporations.