I’ve worked with CDS as long as I can remember and they have always done a tremendous job of taking care of my insurance needs. I would highly recomend to anyone.
George JordanANR Industries, Inc.
The whole CDS team has been responsive and able to answer questions. They have provided good guidance even when they did not have a product that met our needs.
Rick WalkerWalton Construction Company 
CDS’s team always has our back to ensure we’re getting the most coverage for the best value. I recommend them to friends and family all the time.
-Andy Marosi, Morosi Enterprises
The team we work with understands our needs, the nuances of our business, operates with a sense of urgency, sincerely cares about our future, and always makes me feel protected. Eileen Merino and CDS are our Partners!
Christos Klapsis, Streamline Builders, Inc.
Bruce and his staff are always prompt with any requests I have had over our nearly ten years of business together. On the occasions I have been curious about a line item’s details, Bruce was always willing and able to patiently walk me through it–there was never any beating around the bush or casual dismissal.
Eric Vo
I’ve always wanted to know my insurance representative and feel comfortable calling them concerning even the smallest little detail. By using CDS Insurance for my home and auto policies, I have the level of care that I need.
Alyson AustinBuilding Industry Association
Capable staff, timely responses to issues, and dilligent in getting the best products for the best price.
David Jackson
Kathryn was super patient, informative, and took time to understand the needs.
Aracely Sharma
The team at CDS are always looking out for me!
-Gary Heath
I’ve known Chuck Swan, President of CDS Insurance Services for over 15 years.  He has proven to me to be more than just tremendously knowledgeable in insurance, he is an honorable man who would go out of his way to serve his clients.  He treats everyone with respect and handles matters and issues with utmost integrity.  He has become my friend whom I can trust.  I would recommend him and his company to anyone without any hesitation.
Susan ChowEdward Properties
I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the excellent service you have provided to my clients over the 18 or so years we have known and worked with each other.  As you know, most recently one of my law firm’s construction industry clients was faced with a carrier’s supplemental premium demand for tens of thousands of dollars and with your expert assistance, the carrier was persuaded that the amounts were not due thereby saving my client, in addition to the many thousands of dollars otherwise demanded, a very significant amount in attorneys’ fees.  In addition, your commitment to sharing your expertise with those in the industry is unsurpassed as evidenced by, among other things, your having so graciously agreed to guest lecture each quarter in the Construction Law class I have been teaching in UCLA’s Construction Management Program, School of Extension Studies.  Each quarter I receive rave reviews from my students about the extent of your knowledge and most importantly, your ability to convey the complexities of insurance in such a straightforward and understandable manner.  Your knowledge, combined with your effective and practical approach to problem solving is truly exceptional and I consider you among my greatest resources in providing the best possible representation to my firm’s construction industry clientele.
James A. SteeleSteel Baker & Persoff
I’m gonna try make this quick and to the point: hands-down the best commercial insurance company I’ve ever worked with. Eileen and Kimbra are always on top of whatever we need, quick to get us multiple quotes, and are always very fast to get the most competitive bids for insurance and bonds. I’m very picky and I love their attention to detail work ethic. Save your time and money….. go with these guys.
Timothy S., Culver City, CA
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