CDS Insurance Services is a highly respected, regional insurance brokerage firm with offices in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. Incepted in 1996, CDS Insurance Services features a very effective team of experienced professionals who provide not only an exceptionally high degree of expertise, but the personalized attention deserved by each client.

The cornerstone of the CDS philosophy incorporates a four step program known as “IPPI”. This vital program consists of four major components:

  1. Identifying your exposures
  2. Packaging your risk in the most attractive manner for the insurance underwriters
  3. Presenting all available insurance and risk management solutions
  4. Implementing the most innovative package available in the insurance marketplace


Identify Exposures

A member of the CDS Insurance Team will meet with you and your staff to conduct a thorough survey of your firm’s potential exposures. This survey will include a review of your operations, current insurance policies, open/closed claims, safety/loss control programs and contractual insurance obligations.


The package process involves gathering insurance data for formal submission to the insurance marketplace. The CDS Insurance Team takes great pride in putting forth the highest quality submission for every one of our clients. It is essential that a complete and accurate application, including all pertinent attachments, be submitted to the insurance marketplace the first time. Failure to property present your risk exposure at this stage of the insurance process may be devastating to you and could potentially cost your company thousands of dollars.


The CDS Insurance Team literally has access to hundreds of admitted and non-admitted insurers throughout the United States. Possessing the ability to act quickly and knowing which insurers are best suited for your company, are the two strongest attributes of the CDS Insurance Team. Although many of our peers boast similar market access, the actual relationship between the insurance broker and the insurance company is paramount. CDS Insurance Services has spent decades developing, bonding and nurturing these long standing relationships with our insurers, which translates into much more comprehensive and competitive insurance products for our clientele.


Prior to the purchase of any insurance policy, a prudent risk manager must make the difficult decision as to how much risk his or her firm is willing to take on. The three main options available are: risk avoidance, risk transfer and insuring your risk. All three are viable options for business owners and private parties alike. The CDS Team will explore all risk management solutions with you, prior to crafting an insurance program tailored to your specific needs. When an insurance option is chosen, the CDS Team reviews all of the carrier’s terms, conditions, rates, policy forms, etc. and creates a concise summary or proposal for your review. This valuable document includes: an extensive insurance market survey, a detailed break-down of the top insurance proposals by line of coverage, safety and loss control analysis/recommendations, contract language examination addressing any insurance requirements and our CDS Insurance commitment to Unmatched Service and Unlimited Possibilities.