Personal Articles Floater (PAF)

This type of coverage can be provided as a stand alone policy or by endorsement to a homeowners policy. Either way, this coverage is for items that need to be scheduled on an open perils basis. This generally includes valuables such as jewelry, furs, fine arts, golf equipment, musical instruments, silverware, cameras and stamp or coin collections to name a few. If you are unsure if you should schedule a particular asset, we can help you make that determination as well.

Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL)

This coverage protects individuals and families from liability for nearly all types of accidents caused by them in their personal lives, as opposed to their business lives. It is most commonly a part of the protection provided by a Homeowners policy, but it can also be written as a separate policy. This is a form of liability insurance for individuals which insures the policyholder in the event he or she becomes liable to pay money for damage or injury he or she has caused to others. This coverage does not include automobile liability or liabilities that arise out of the operations of a business.


This type of insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It provides coverage that takes over where your basic automobile and homeowners policies leave off, thus shielding you as an umbrella does in the rain. It is a great way to truly protect your larger assets by providing additional liability coverage, without a great expense to you. In today’s litigious society, this coverage is the best value around.

Identity Theft