Initial Account Survey

A meeting to survey your needs will help us better understand your operations and some of your daily risks.

Management Review

A meeting to discuss the best strategy to market your program will include:

  • An evaluation of the risks involved and the carriers best suited to meet your needs
  • Alternatives to your current insurance program
  • Pricing directions and considerations
  • Insurance market conditions for each area of coverage
  • Identification and recommendations for additional coverages
Account Status Reports

Designed to provide you with regular updates, as needed, to discuss:

  • Status of outstanding items
  • Recap items recently finalized
  • Advice on potential problem areas
  • Serves as a reminder of data needed from you
  • Keeps you up-to-date on changes within the insurance industry
Loss Control

Various observations and recommendations will help reduce claims. The purpose is to provide tools to help mitigate future claims and problems.

Claims Review

Loss Reports will be reviewed to identify trends and correct errors. Claims review is of special importance in Workers’ Compensation, because of the dramatic effect open claims have on your experience modification, premium and policyholder dividends..

Claims Service

When a claim does occur, your first call should be to us. We will make sure that the loss is reported promptly to the proper carrier. The thorough submission of the claim to the carrier can have a great impact on how that claim is adjusted and paid. You can expect to receive prompt, personal and professional claim assistance.

Certificates of Insurance

We realize certificates of insurance are a very important part of your business operations and CDS Insurance places great emphasis on the prompt issuance of these certificates. In most cases, requests for Certificates of Insurance are issued within 24 hours or less.

Premium Audit Review and Dispute Assistance

We will oversee audits to be sure they are correct. Use of the proper rates and simple mathematics will also be checked. In the event a dispute is necessitated, we will assist you through this process.


We will monitor the carriers to expedite policy processing. Occasional changes and endorsements will be handled promptly.

Personalized Services

We always strive to give the personal attention and consideration you deserve and expect. We have built our reputation on it.